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Manscape Spa is one of Western Canada’s only spas dedicated entirely to men.  Located in handsome Greater Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island, the calming space will put even the manliest of men at ease.

Our Services

Treatments and technologies have come a long way since your grandfather’s day. Our specialties are waxing, pedicure, massage, skin care and providing an unforgettable relaxation experience.


Does your skin need a quick tune-up? Rejuvenate your skin – even while on the go – with our Express Facial service. Our treatment, which covers all the bases of a basic facial, takes less than an hour, so you don’t need to wait long to look your best. Perfect for when you have an important event to attend, a client you need to lock down, or a date to impress.


Never get tempted to bite your nails or rip off hang nails again. Contrary to popular belief, manicures are not just for girls – men can fully benefit from them too! Our MANicure will give your hands the pampering it deserves, from trimming and shaping your nails, exfoliating it so that you get softer, smoother hands, to a nourishing massage. We also provide you with a customized hand analysis and full cuticle work.


Growing a mustache or a beard is unquestionably manly, and is practically a requirement during No-Shave November. For the rest of the year when you want a smooth, clean, and less scruffy look, you can come to us for a full face wax. We offer full facial hair removal so your face is as smooth as that of a baby’s, and because it is waxing, you don’t have to worry about getting a stubble too soon or having ingrown hair. Don’t worry about the pain – it’s nothing you can’t handle.


This treatment proves it’s possible to look better while feeling good. It’s a custom skin care service that relaxes you while hydrating your skin, leaving it supple and with a youthful glow. The wrap detoxifies your body and helps break down excess surface fat. This not only helps you lose weight, it also leaves you looking healthier and more toned.


This treatment is perfect for those days when you could use a quick, relaxing massage. The combination of fragrant, skin-friendly oils and smooth, gliding strokes across your body will help ease all feelings of stress and tension. This treatment invigorates not just your body but also your mind, leaving you ready to face the rest of the day’s challenges.


The changing of the seasons can be too much for your skin. Make sure your skin transitions smoothly from summer to winter with our Fall Tune Up service. Exfoliate with our Sea Flora Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap. With our Manscape Customized Facial and La Biosthetique Eye Treatment, we give your face and eyes the treatment they deserve. We’ll even send you home with CryoDerm Pain Relieving Cryotherapy Spray. All this at a $285 value!


Give life back to your eyes by working on your lashes. This treatment gives your eyelashes a deeper color, making them look younger, brighter, and more alert. Your eyes are among the first features other focus on in your face, so making sure they look good is just about the best way to make the perfect first impression.


Getting the perfect tan doesn’t mean having to stay under the sun and risking sunburn or worse, skin cancer. Our spray tanning service is safe and will leave you with that attractive sun-kissed look for a good period of time. We use a sugarcane-based product that will not harm your skin and will stay on for two to four weeks. It’s convenient and absolutely painless, and is perfect for spring.


Quiet, welcoming, and unpretentious, Manscape Spa invites you to kick up your feet and spoil yourself. Welcome to Victoria’s only premium men’s grooming spa.


Manscape takes pride in their customer’s satisfaction. If you’re not completely satisfied with your treatment, let us know so we can make sure you leave happy and return excited.

Our Team

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