Swedish Massage 30 minutes – 65.00$

This treatment is perfect for those days when you could use a quick, relaxing massage. The combination of fragrant, skin-friendly oils and smooth, gliding strokes across your body will help ease all feelings of stress and tension. This treatment invigorates not just your body but also your mind, leaving you ready to face the rest of the day’s challenges.

Swedish Massage 60 minutes – 110.00$

If you need to relax and have an hour to spare, this treatment is for you. Experience the wonders offered by the combination of aromatic oils and smooth, firm strokes across your body. It allows you to get more out of the experience than our 30-minute service without taking too much of your time.

Swedish Massage 90 minutes – 150.00$

Do you feel like unwinding after a long day? Then this 90-minute massage is for you. For one and a half hours, you will experience relaxation like no other, courtesy of our expert massage therapists. Feel the tension and stress melt away and re-energize your mind and body.

Swedish Massage 120 minutes – 200.00$

This 120-minute massage treatment is the ultimate weekend treat. Stress and fatigue can build up over several days. Nothing can make you feel better than a relaxing 2-hour session where all you do is lay down and experience comforting massage courtesy of our therapists. Feel those random aches and pains go away with every stroke.