Manicure – 62.00$

Never get tempted to bite your nails or rip off hang nails again. Contrary to popular belief, manicures are not just for girls – men can fully benefit from them too! Our MANicure will give your hands the pampering it deserves, from trimming and shaping your nails, exfoliating it so that you get softer, smoother hands, to a nourishing massage. We also provide you with a customized hand analysis and full cuticle work.

Pedicure – 77.00$

Your feet are probably the most hardworking part of your body, so you should definitely pamper it once in a while. Our Foot Fix provides you with a full hour of relaxing treatments that will smoothen the skin on your feet and loosen tight, tired muscles. We’ll use our power tools and an invigorating scrub to smoothen your skin, followed by a relaxing lower leg and foot massage that will undo all the knots and tension, using special creams to deeply nourish your skin. It’s like taking your feet for a much-needed tune up. We won’t be surprised if you doze off!