Ear waxing – 17.00$

Having hair in your ears can be irritating – not to mention unsightly. Hair in your ear also gives dirt something to cling to, so you get the feeling that you’re never really clean. Getting your ears waxed not only makes you look neater, it also gives you an added boost of confidence because you feel cleaner. Plus less hair in your ears can also eliminate unnecessary itchiness, so tugging and scratching your ears will be a thing of the past.

Nose waxing – 17.00$

While hair in your nose is important because it acts as a filter and keeps dirt away, too much of it can make you look less than presentable – especially if there are extra long strands poking out. Additionally, scratching and rubbing your nose to clear debris or take away the itch can cause irritate your nostrils and give your nose a raw, red appearance. We can remove unwanted hair in and on the nose to give you a cleaner, neater look.

Waxing – Full face – 102.00$

Growing a mustache or a beard is unquestionably manly, and is practically a requirement during No-Shave November. For the rest of the year when you want a smooth, clean, and less scruffy look, you can come to us for a full face wax. We offer full facial hair removal so your face is as smooth as that of a baby’s, and because it is waxing, you don’t have to worry about getting a stubble too soon or having ingrown hair. Don’t worry about the pain – it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Brows – 27.00$

If you think eyebrow shaping and waxing is for women only, think again. Even the manliest men can benefit from having their eyebrows shaped, as it gives you a sharper, cleaner look. We won’t drastically alter the shape of your brows nor make them too thin – we will simply sculpt it to its optimal shape and remove the stray hairs that make your brows look unruly.

Chest – 52.00$

Having a chest full of hair has its appeal, but it can also mean having to deal with excess odor. Chest hair can also be irritating especially during the hot summer months, and it is definitely a problem when you sweat excessively – not only does it feel uncomfortable, it can also soak up your shirt faster than usual and leave unsightly sweat stains. We offer full chest waxing so to give you a smooth, hair-free chest that looks better and feels more comfortable. It also gives you the confidence to go shirtless anytime.

Chest hair trimming – 27.00$

If you are hesitant to commit to a completely hair-free chest, we offer chest hair trimming services. We will trim excessive chest hair to give you a neater appearance. Having shorter and fewer hair on your chest is more comfortable especially when the weather is hot, not to mention a lot more attractive. You also do not have to worry too much about excessive sweating and odor. Think of it as landscaping, but for your chest.

Stomach – 37.00$

There are two things you don’t want to have on your stomach – love handles and excess hair. Getting rid of your love handles is completely up to you and takes a lot of hard work, but we can definitely help out with the hair. We offer stomach waxing to remove all the stray hair on your stomach, because let’s face it, excess tummy hair can look and feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry, it isn’t as scary or as painful as it sounds!

Arms – 67.00$

Hairy arms give you a primal look, but if you want a more toned, cleaner, and sleeker appearance, going hair-free is the way to go. We offer full arm waxing services to remove the all the hair on your arms. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to have smooth arms – especially when the weather gets too hot. Bonus points: the cuts on your arms will be more pronounced when you remove the hair.

Half arm – 27.00$

If you agree that having a little extra hair is sexy, you can take advantage of our half-arm waxing service. You can choose to remove hair from under or on top of your arm to give you that perfect combination of scruffiness and smooth, soft skin. This option is also perfect if you want a little more flexibility in how your arms look and feel.

Hands – 27.00$

Are you concerned about how people think of your hairy hands? Let’s face it. Some people find hair on arms attractive, but on hands—not so much. Feel more confident about the way you and your hands look with our hand waxing service. We’ll remove all those unwanted hairs on top of your hand and knuckles, and even the stray ones on your fingers.  

Armpits – 27.00$

You may think guys are luckier than girls in this department, but there’s more to armpit waxing than just giving you smooth-looking underarms. Men sweat more than women do and all that perspiration can build up on your armpit hair and lead to unpleasant body odor. If you sweat a lot or are not too confident about the way you smell, armpit waxing will help you smell and feel a lot fresher.

Legs – 102.00$

Hairy legs aren’t so bad, but hairiness has this tendency of making you feel warmer than everybody else. The result is sweat and everything that comes with it—odor, discomfort, you name it. Our leg waxing service will make you feel better. We don’t just pull off your hair though. We take extra care to leave the skin on your legs looking smooth and feeling healthy.  

Brief line, speedo, or tighty whitey including cheeks – 52.00$

Do those extra tufts of hair on your thighs prevent you from sporting that nice pair of Speedos at the beach? Are you scared of what people might think of the hair on your butt cheeks? Worry no more. Our brief line waxing service will remove those unsightly, uncomfortable strands of hair in no time. We know how sensitive the skin on your thighs can be, so we take extra care to make the procedure as comfortable for you as possible.

Full Bro-zillian – 112.00$

Being hairless in your groin area has many perks. Not only does it eliminate odor, your partner probably loves it that way, too. Our full Bro-zillian service has both the front and back of your groin area covered for a totally hairless outcome. The procedure is guaranteed safe for your crotch area’s sensitive skin and will not leave unwanted scars or discoloration. As experts, we take steps to make the experience as painless as possible for you.

Half Bro-zillian – 67.00$

If you don’t fancy being completely hairless down there, try our half Bro-zillian service. You can choose to remove the hair on either the front or back of your groin area. You get the benefits (or half of it) for just half of the entire experience. We take extra care to make this experience as painless as possible for you, and  to leave the skin on your crotch feeling and looking good at the same time.

Half Bro-zillian trimming – 37.00$

If waxing isn’t for you but you want to reap the perks anyway, you can get our Bro-zillian trimming service instead. In this procedure, we sculpt the hair in your pubic area manually using a trimmer. The process may take more time than waxing, but it is utterly painless and will leave you with very pleasant results. It’s a great way to reduce odor and leave your groin area feeling cooler and free from excessive sweating.

Back waxing – 52.00$

If you are looking to clean up your back area, there’s no need to get nervous. Let our professionals give you a perfect back waxing. Back waxing is high on the priority list of commonly treated areas for men. Enjoy a hairless back for up to 6 weeks or more!

Please bring with you, a freshly laundered shirt to wear out of your appointment (to avoid back pimples). As with all Waxing, consultation is included.